Welcome to MSB Lift trucks & plant training Ltd

Msb Lift Trucks & Plant Training Ltd has been successful in assisting companies to meet and comply with it's requirements to the health and safety of it's employee's over the last few years under the Health & Safety at work act legislation.

Msb Lift Trucks & Plant Training Ltd believes that we all have a duty to protect, educate,develop and assist people within the workplace.

We are able to assist in the identification, implementation and conclusion of many workplace related training programmes within the material handling field.

Specialist course's are available to most companies in the North East area and are tailored to meet individual company needs through discussion and agreement.

Msb Lift Trucks & Plant Training Ltd welcomes forward thinking companies who recognise development and maintaining standards as the foot print to a successful business by beleiving that "only people make decisions" and to meet with the decision makers within companies.

Are you a decision maker? If so please contact us on
07989 949066.